I have always been into wearing t-shirts with quotes or sayings that represent my mood, personality, or beliefs.  75% of my clothing has some kind of writing on it lol.  But I never thought about creating my own shirts and definitely not for other people to wear. Well, one day I found myself going through a tough time and I literally was questioning everything about who I was and where I fit in this world.  For YEARS I had allowed the pressures and opinions of society, those around me, and even myself overshadow the truth of who I was. It finally broke me down and I remember praying to God about it. His response was simple, “are you going to believe them or me?”  Checked me real good! And that was my AHA moment.  God was reminding me that as a believer my identity is in Him.  Period. So I began this journey of learning and re-learning what God says about me and who he created me to be.


A few months later, I woke up early on a Sunday morning with this crazy idea to make a t-shirt with a design that said “Identity” on it except a real eye would replace the “I” and a cross would replace the “T”.  I saw the whole design in my head and all these scripture references of what God calls us and how He sees us.  Immediately I wrote these ideas down and did NOTHING with it for another 3 months because this would require me to step waaayyy outside my comfort zone and truthfully I just feared failing. But I couldn’t shake it and I came to a place where I cared more about being obedient to God and having the opportunity to share a message that would uplift and influence my generation.  So I said okay God, WE OUT HERE! Lol and here we are.


Join me on this journey! Use this apparel to not only look fly representing your faith but by also being the salt and light of the world.  It is our hope that the clothing will be a tool to witness and inspire those you come in contact with.  Please share your thoughts/testimony related to the apparel you decide to purchase with us via social media @createdimageapparel #createdimage. Let us know what conversations are sparked with others as they see you rocking your Created Image Apparel!  Thanks in advance for supporting the vision and sharing with the world.